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Loki's Guide to the Thunder Road Trilogy

Now that the final book of Chadwick Ginther's Thunder Road Trilogy, Too Far Gone, is out in the world, probably wreaking havoc and picking fights, let's go back and consult what Loki has to say about, well, everything. Below, find all 36 helpful definitions from Loki's Guide to the Petty Gods and Monsters of Norse Mythology. 


What's in a Name?

I hate coming up with titles. Whether I’m writing novels or short stories, the title is usually the last thing I type before I hit send.


Pelops’s Reluctant Resolutions

The ancient Greeks didn't celebrate the New Year the way we do today, but that doesn't stop Hermogenes from pestering his employer to get with the times and draft a list of resolutions . . .


Tombstone Blues will Rock Your World!

One of the most frequently asked questions of an author is,"Where do you find your inspiration?" Ravenstone author Chadwick Ginther had a full rock anthem playing in his mind as he penned one of the most epic urban fantasies of the year, Tombstone Blues. Each of his chapters has an associated song. Give a listen and you'll get a taste of the tone of Chadwick's latest novel.

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